Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I register as a MyCarSuperApp driver?

2. I already have a medical report. When can I register for PSV Class at MyCar office?

PSV classes will be held every Monday-Wednesday. The fee is RM 76.00

3. How do I transfer money from my credit wallet to my bank account?

Please fill out this form https://goo.gl/jdoWCu and you need to leave the credit wallet balance of RM 20.00 and you can request a minimum withdrawal of RM 10.00


4. How long does it take for my wallet balance to be credited into my bank account?

Your money will be credited within 14 working days.

5. How do I change my phone number in MyCarSuperApp system?

Please call 03-76616208 for confirmation and assistance from our team.

6. How do I change my car info and update my documents?

Currently, we are in the process of transitioning to our new application. Please download and sign up for our new application. If you have any questions, please email support@mycarasia.com or call our Customer Service line at +603 7661 6208

7. My customer ran away without paying the fare to me. How do I claim the money?

‚ÄčPlease fill in the claim form:

The case will be investigated and the claim money will be returned within 21 business days.

8. I already use the new MyCarSuperApp app, but I have changed the new car. Can I use both new and old MyCar applications.

Can not because passengers will feel suspicious if you use a car that is not registered with us.

9. I have an old MyCar app, can I sign in to the new MyCarSuperApp app using my existing phone number

Yes, you can sign in to our new MyCar Super App application by using your registered phone number.

10. How do I close my driver's account?

Please come to our nearest office for the credit wallet transfer process.

11. How do I transfer my credit wallet from an old application to a new one?

We will review your account and we will close your driver account as soon as possible.

Please email support@mycarasia.com

12. How do I get a car wrap incentive payment?

Please email support@mycarasia.com
or call our Customer Service line at +603 7661 6208.

13. Am I eligible to receive National Caring Assistance (BPN) payment.

Please email to support@mycarasia.com

or call our Customer Service line at +603 7661 6208. If you want immediate action please WhatsApp wasap.my/60133482627.

14. How do I return belongings left by passenger?

  • Call the passenger to return their belongings with the fare which has been agreed by both parties (the driver &passenger)
  • If the passenger refuses to pay, please return the belongings to us to our HQ in Setia Alam and inform the passenger to come to our HQ for collection.
  • Please ensure to take a photo of the belongings and email to MyCar Support Team via email to support@mycarasia.com to avoid any unwanted allegations, accusations and misunderstandings.