• About Us

    MyCar is a home-grow e-hailing application that provides on-demand and corporate passenger transportation services across Malaysia. Today, we command 35% market share of the national e-hailing industry, serving more than 3 million passengers per annum since 2018.

Our Vision

  • To be he leading Gig-Economy service provide in Malaysia and Southeast Asia

Our Mission

  • Provide an affordable service.
  • Provide Customer Satisfaction and social corporate responsible.

What We Offer 

On-Demand E-Hailing

Ride with us anytime, anywhere

Advanced Booking

Schedule your memorable trip with MyCar Journey

Cooperate E-Hailing

Customization account for corporate use


Put your marketing in motion with our car wrap

Our Fleet

We ensure that our drivers are treated as part of our growing family. Since 2018, our vehicles have been meticulously maintained and serviced by our corporate partners’ facilities that fully supports our independent e-hailing drivers and the vehicles they drive.

Over the years, we have been offering an e-hailing fleet which consists of more than 4 types of vehicles, including full-size sedans, taxis, MPVs and even premium-branded cars. Our fleet comes under the supervision of PUSPAKOM & APAD and from time to time all vehicles are checked to ensure mechanical and safety fitness standards are maintained. We also carry out joint random inspections with the authorities to ensure standards of cleanliness and other license conditions are being met.

We also offer wheelchair accessible vehicles for our physically disabled customers as well as specially-abled drivers as part of our priority service. We don't like to exclude anyone from our services, and firmly believe that transport services should be available to everyone.

More Than 3 Million Passengers

Over 150,000 Drivers Nationwide

25 Million Completed Trips

Our Feature Plan

Our future projects are all about helping Malaysians grow both financially and emotionally through a wide range of services which they could all be a part of :

  • MyCar Eats 
  • MyCar Shop
  • MyCar Delivery 
  • MyCar Journey
  • MyCar Care
  • MyCar Mechanic 

Our Partner

MyCar values the partnerships we have built over the years, giving both parties opportunities to grow and benefit together.
Our Partner