SuperHelper (Passenger Guide)

Do you need Help to buy your needs? worried of Covid-19 infection?

Don't worry! SuperHelper is here to help you.

You now can buy your needs through MyCar Apps to order and delivery direct to your doorstep. You can also deliver the items to your love one by using SuperHelper in MyCar Apps

We recommend cashless payment, preferably using Touch 'n Go eWallet or credit / debit card.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Is SuperHelper available in my area?.

SuperHelper service is available nationwide as long there is a MyCar driver available in your area.

If the buyer already paid for the item, can SuperHelper help to pickup it and deliver to buyer?.

Yes, one of SuperHelper service is Delivery/Pickup Only, where our driver can Pickup and deliver the item to your doorstep.

If i choose to use "shop for you" services, do we have to transfer our own money to the driver?.

This service requires honesty and mutual agreement for both parties. The ideal situation is for the customer to transfer the money in advance for SuperHelper to shop. The driver is worried to receive order from untrustworthy person. If customer not able to transfer the money or convince the driver from not being conned, the driver has the right to cancel the order.